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Programs Design

The program is two-pronged. Professional courses and Mentorship activities have been identified as important tools to mold next generation of healthcare leaders. Knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits have been passed down from one generation to the next through a process of explanation and observation – the more experienced healthcare manager (mentor) explaining, and the less experienced manager (mentee) observing. Once the mentee has heard and seen enough, he or she is able to perform the tasks. After performing the task, the mentee would receive feedback from the mentor. Wired4Ex is anchored on 4 principles. We emphasize on;

Building relationship between the more experienced person (the trainer/mentor) and the less experienced person (the trainee/mentee).

Giving the trainee/mentee a significant role in directing the process.

Personal development of the mentee.

Formalization/documentation of the process.

Objectives of Wired4Ex Program


Identify and live to the desires of the program in regards to training and mentorship.


To align training and mentoring as a lifelong learning tool for healthcare managers.


Advertise and recruit trainers/mentors and trainees/mentees.


Award certificates and Continuous Development Points (CPDs)


Onboarding, supporting mentees and mentors and/or new staff members in understanding the organization and Wired4ex partners.


Provide skill-based courses through partnership established by the association.


 Conduct boot camps and other events.


Conduct follow-up and monitoring post capacity development programs.

Professional Courses

  • 3 Weeks Programs  
  • 5 Weeks Programs
  • 32 Weeks Programs
  • 12 Months
3 Weeks Programs  

3 Weeks Programs

  1. Management and Leadership Skills for First Time Managers.
  2. Principles of Supervisory Management· Quality and Product Improvement.
  3. Problem Solving and Decision-Making Process.
  4. Planning and Project Management Level 1.
  5. Time and Meeting Management.
  6. Introduction to Procurement and Supply Chain Management of Pharmaceutical Products.

5 Weeks Programs

5 Weeks Programs

  1. Human Resources Management Essentials· 
  2. Conflict Resolution and Coaching· 
  3. Planning and Project Management Level 2· 
  4. Social and Emotional Intelligence· 
  5. Budgeting and Cost Accounting Level 2· 
  6. International Careers in Global Health and Supply chain
32 Weeks Programs

32 Weeks Programs

  1. Leadership for Healthcare Leaders.
  2. Governance and Ethics for Healthcare Leaders.
  3. Advanced Management and Life Skills for Healthcare Managers.
  4. Healthcare Law and Medical Practice.
  5. Entrepreneurship in Health for Facility Owners and Managers.
  6. Population Health Management.
  7. Procurement for Public Health Programs.
  8. Product Selection and Technical Specifications for Public Health Commodities.
  9. Quantification & Forecasting of Public Health Commodities· 
  10. Inventory Management of Public Health Commodities.
  11. Promoting Effective Use of Medicines In Public Health Programs.
  12.  Procurement And Supply Chain Management Support Functions & Systems.

12 Months

12 Months Programs

Global Health Procurement and Supply Chain

Credentialing & Certification

One major difference between our certification and others in the industry is because all courses and programs taken under this initiative qualify you to achieve NOT just continuous profession development points but also qualify you to join our Credentialing and certification program. All these programs will count in your journey as you move the ladder in our career. Please refer to HeSMA credentialing and certification framework in the News and Publication section