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Why Donate to Wired4EX initiative?

Wired4Ex training and mentorship programs help to bridge the skills gap that exists today with healthcare trainees and managers within the practice in developing countries of East Africa. We need your support to provide mentoring programs for those in high under-developed geographies. Our mentors also provide guidance, business skills, and even job opportunities for students when they graduate. Wired4Ex model helps to lift communities out of poverty by providing the opportunity to work and begin a career but also use the resources to more pressing areas. We believe that if you invested us to build capacity to manage better, we will be indeed building for sustainable healthcare for the future. A unit investment towards building a capacity of 4500 managers will largely determine the kind of healthcare Eastern Africa will have in the next decade.

How Your Donation is Used

Your contribution to Wired4EX goes directly to helping participants in this region to access mature resources inform of reading materials, tools, services of facilitators. The funds also support the movement of participants for purposes of learning, networking and linkages.A donation of $250 will support one student for the full mentorship training program and provide an opportunity for job interviews after completing their mentorship program including certification and licensure.Wired4EX will receive your donation and use it appropriately. Reports will be sent to you as needed for accountability. We are a non-profit organization and your funds will go directly to support of mentees/trainees. Contributions to Wired4EX may be eligible for tax deduction in countries outside East Africa, please consult your tax advisor for eligibility. No goods or services will be offered or provided in exchange contribution.


For donations of $10,000 and above please contact us for donation details.

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