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Objectives of mentorship programs

By the end of mentorship program the candidates are expected to:

Receive critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills.

Develop sharper focus on the skills needed in regards to global leadership and management competencies.

Network with more influential employees and healthcare executives. We bring a network with over 40,000 healthcare executives!

Gaining knowledge about healthcare organization’s culture and unspoken rules that can be critical for success and therefore adapting more quickly to healthcare sector and industry.

Share out frustrations as well as successes.

Mentorship Process

Wired4ex Takes a 4-step process

Step 1 : Get to know and meet

In this meeting (online through multimedia or face to face), trainers/mentors help trainee/mentees plan tasks or sessions by asking them to do the following. This should happen during the first 30 days on launch of a cohort.

  • Get to know and meet, identify the professional needs and aspirations· 
  • State the goals of the trainee/mentorship process· 
  • Summarize what’s needs to be done or achieved within the training/mentorship period· 
  • Clarify the roles of those involved in the training/mentorship journey·
  • List the actions of those involved in the task or session for the first 3 months, 6months or 9 months· 
  • Itemize the challenges and opportunities associated with performing the tasks or sessions· 
  • Identify what successful completion of the task or session would look like· 
  • Link the mentee to the training programs applied for in the course listing

Step 2 : Working with the mentoree

Trainer/Mentor gets full access to the Trainee/mentee through face to face or multimedia. Wired4Ex program avails the learning resources for self-development on offer, customized for healthcare managers (courses listing). The courses have been designed to be learner driven BUT facilitated by the trainers. Each course has its sets of skills to be gained. All materials for participants are shared by the trainers and coordinated from Wired4EX. All rights to proprietary materials are held by Wired4EX.The learners are appraised through observation by Wired4Ex trainers/mentors and Project Director, completing an appraisal sheet at the end of each session. The learner will complete an initial Skills Audit and SWOT Analysis in Session 1 and then in the last session of each course taken. Wired4Ex Project facilitator and trainers will ensure that each participant gets the materials (slides and handouts) together with learner’s handbook for practice. The facilitators of the program will have the teacher’s guide and scheme of work so that they could guide the students. The following are some of the courses;

32 Weeks Program

  1. Leadership for Healthcare Leaders
  2. Governance and Ethics for Healthcare Leaders
  3. Advanced Management and Life Skills for Healthcare Managers
  4. Healthcare Law and Medical Practice
  5. Entrepreneurship in Health for Facility Owners and Managers
  6. Population Health Management

5 Weeks Programs

  1. Human Resources Management Essentials
  2. Conflict Resolution and Coaching
  3. Planning and Project Management Level 2
  4. Social and Emotional Intelligence
  5. Budgeting and Cost Accounting Level 2

3 Weeks Programs

  1. Management and Leadership Skills for First Time Managers
  2. Principles of Supervisory Management
  3. Quality and Product Improvement
  4. Problem Solving and Decision-Making Process
  5. Planning and Project Management Level 1
  6. Time and Meeting Management
Step 3 : Reflective Conversation

In this part of the process, the trainer/ mentor summarizes and gives feedback on the information gathered in 1 and Step 2, and the mentee responds to the mentor’s summary and feedback. Discussing the information should get trainee/mentees to reflect on what they learned from the task or session and on how to transfer these learnings to their next coaching tasks or sessions.

Step 4 : Certification

The trainee/mentees and trainer/mentors (where possible), during a healthcare manager boot camp and graduation shares the case studies of each participant with the group as a way of celebrating the results. Certificates and CPD points are provided to successful Mentees. Managers receiving professional certification also move upwards in their career developed as per HeSMA credentialing and Certification Framework

What it Takes to be a Mentor

The desire to share your knowledge and experience with a less privileged healthcare management college student, entry-level manager or other inexperienced managers in a developing country.  You can designate which country you prefer within East Africa.

Participate in a 2 hour mentor training course before your first mentoring session.

Wired4EX provides everything you need to guide your student. You don’t need to be an expert, just follow Wired4EX  Mentor Guide and add your own personal experience.

Meet with your mentee through Multimedia for one hour, for 14 sessions either once a week or every two weeks.


Requirement 1

Please complete the online application, and meet with us for a brief phone discussion about the program

Requirement 2

Mentor candidates should be at least 25 years old and have an entry degree/diploma in their health leadership or management.

Requirement 3

Mentors candidates agree to a 14-hour commitment for the mentoring relationship.

Requirement 4

Wired4Ex requests that you cover the your cost for time and internet.


Become a mentee

Wired4EX mentorship program takes not less than 9 months


Active healthcare managers who would like to transition from any level.

You may may be a novice, beginner or at junior, mid or senior level.

Residing in a Lower/Medium Income Country.


Requirement 1

Expression of interest through APPLICATION to (competitive). The application letter should explain how you will translate the skills to influence performance of health care system.

Requirement 2

Submit a recent Profile, Resume, Passport Photograph.

Requirement 3

Submit a duly filled SKILLS AUDIT (available upon successful submission).

Requirement 4

Payment of REQUIRED FEES (only when you qualify).